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As COVID cases rise, Europe eyes boosters and compulsory vaccination

In Paris the festive displays are grabbing the eye but so are french covid 19 rates a month before christmas it’s beginning to look a lot like late august the last time the number of weekly new cases went past two hundred per hundred thousand people.

Today announced 30000 covid cases over the last 24 hours it’s a major increase in infections that shows if it was needed in any way that they are indeed in the midst of a fifth wave of the pandemic.

Urging people to get vaccinated and have booster shots across the european union 67.7 per cent of the population is fully vaccinated but rates vary widely between countries.

The world health organization says there’s growing evidence protection against infection and mild disease is declining it wants a vaccine plus approach combining vaccinations with measures such as face mask wearing claiming more than 160000 lives could be saved if mass coverage of 95 was achieved

Daily Covid related deaths across the eu have reached nearly 4200 nearly double the level two months ago in germany the latest 24-hour figure was 335 deaths and new infections are at a record high at nearly 67000.

The who is warning that by march there’ll be high or extreme stress in intensive care units in almost all the 53 countries that comprise its europe region at this hospital near cologne like in many place Covid patients needing intensive care are mainly younger unvaccinated people

increasingly got younger people in intensive care the amount of time they’re treated is significantly longer and it blocks intensive care beds for a longer period which are then not available for the care of other patients some german politicians are now advocating compulsory vaccination at least for specific professions austria has already announced covid jabs will be compulsory for everyone from february and the country’s just returned to a full national lockdown the measures have seen a large increase in demand at the largest vaccination center.
In vienna meanwhile as cases rise sharply in the netherlands they’ve started transferring coronavirus patients to germany to ease pressure on dutch hospitals.


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1 Comment

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