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Chicago : Students demand Better Campus security after Killing of Chinese Student

A student at the university of chicago also one of the rally organizers message loud and clear what do you hope to achieve through your movement to recall the tragedy last tuesday for many of students it feel personal know the incident happened essentially on the commute route of many if not most graduate students from chicago felt that would like to see the school administration implement or provide things that are coloring the pattern of violence.


Students looking at the last year where three know three federal students have been killed within the the time frame of 11 months now about the current security system in campus do students feel safe in campus and in the community as a whole don’t realize that there are measures on campus provided by the university as a way to make sure that feel safe there are for example police escorts for people who are who finish their classes late but also heard from side the student side where they’re complaining a lot of these measures are not implemented well.


A lot of people have been complaining about the police escort not being effective and there are also more things that could be done better for example within one our students list of demands They mentioned that they want to extend the the time frame that their live passes are provided and obviously they also aware that their point of views.

International students or as short-term residents of hyde park differ from those who live here for a much longer time and trying to really make sure that they demands do not negatively impact the fundamental interest of the community members around the campus.

Perhaps take some kind of precautions in the face of crimes like this argue that many people including have already done such a thing for example phone has an app that reports crime or some security incidents or any kind of potential danger on a map which is a good way to in a way guess warn the user about potential risk of bodily harm also known there are people who already decided to move from hyde park.

Hyde park to a safer neighborhood and well obviously there also just otherwise students to be more aware of just having a sense of situational awareness travel impaired travel outside alone when it’s completely dark inside which ironically is really easy for chicago because they basically go start at 4pm and perspective really ought to expect a different environment it is usually completely different from where grew up and the the level of caution and the level of situational awareness you have to be equipped with is fundamentally different from for example living your hometown on the other hand it’s also vital just to be mindful of the perspective of the locals because you know they grew up here they and they usually would live here much longer than we would and being mindful of their perspective their interests.



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