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Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai reappears at public event in Beijing

There’s growing concern for the health and well-being of chinese tennis star Peng Shuai she has not been seen in public for weeks after accusing a high-ranking chinese government official of sexual assault athletes and officials are demanding proof that she is still alive and the whole affair could have some serious financial implications for china.


an effort to try and dispel some of these rumors and also some of this concern for Peng Shuai’s safety chinese state tv and employee has posted photographs that it says are punch way also circulating an email that they’re saying that she wrote thanking people for their concern but saying that she is fine and also backtracking on some of those allegations that she made against a former senior chinese politician.

Now all of this started a couple of weeks ago on november 2nd when feng shui posted on social media some allegations saying that this former vice premier of china had sexually assaulted her had forced her to have sex with him at his home couple of years ago shortly after that social media post was put out there it was then deleted but it was screenshoted it was shared on social media and that’s how all of this started.
That’s where all of this conversation has come from Peng shui is a big name in china she has been incredibly successful in her tennis career she’s performed at the olympics a number of times she’s probably one of the best-known sports figures.

Sports stars within china so there is a lot of concern for her safety the fact that we’ve not seen or heard from her in several weeks now part of the reason or it is the reason why there are these growing calls from both the tennis world and also the diplomatic international diplomatic community to hear more from her.

They are loud they are strong and they are loud and we’ve heard from the white house from the united nations as well calling for both a full and transparent investigation into her allegations and then also proof that she is okay that she is safe. now we have also heard very strongly from the women’s tennis association and from its ceo saying that it is prepared to pull its tournaments out of china which are worth hundreds of millions of dollars if china cannot prove that she is okay and does not conduct an investigation into her allegations also heard from tennis canada on this backing up that statement that we’ve heard from the women’s tennis association saying it supports this this is what what it wants to see happen as well.

Then we’ve had some pretty big names in the tennis world also weigh in on this also saying including novak that he supports what the women’s tennis association is calling for let’s listen to him really glad that there was a a kind of a an initiative initiated reaction from uh both atp and wta chairmans and it’s important because this is horrifying.

Person is missing this is necessary for us to to to take whatever actions and heard that just now that WTA is willing to pull out from china mean with all the tournaments unless this is resolved support it 100 now those 2022 winter olympics in beijing in china just a couple months away now 76 days away from its start the international olympic committee is not commenting much on that all it has said in a statement is that experience shows that quiet diplomacy offers the best  opportunity to find a solution for questions of such nature saying it will not comment any further on this matter but those concerns for punch way growing a lot of people hoping to hear or see something from her sometime.



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