CS506 Gdb Solution Spring 2024

CS506 Gdb Solution Spring 2024: The government of Pakistan wants to allow voters to easily vote from their homes instead of going to polling stations and can prevent the spread of the Omrikan virus. Therefore, an online voting system has been developed in which the user enters his CNIC and selects the person he wants to pay for the vote and then submits his selection on the vote application form page.

CS506 Gdb Solution Spring 2024

OVS uses cookies to store data, but when the user explicitly disables cookies or cookies are not supported by the browser, then according to your view, which of the following techniques will be used to store session data so that we do not need any further submission of the form accept our request form casting votes.

URL rewriting
Hidden form fields

Solution: According to the given scenario URL Rewriting is best in my opinion. For the following reasons: In the case of a hidden form field, a separate form submission is required on each page, this is a large overhead that can be mitigated by creating a security hole, a session cannot be maintained with static documents, an email document with a browser shutdown document tab. On the other hand, URL rewriting is most appropriate in our requests application because it will always work whether cookies are disabled or not. A special form submission is not required on every page that is required for our application, so I prefer URL rewriting depending on the situation.

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