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Floods and landslides cut road access in Vancouver

Flooding and landslides have killed at least one person in british Columbia and cut all rail access to vancouver’s largest port thousands of people have been forced to evacuate from their homes due to the flooding.

While electricity and natural gas supplies have also been affected the search for missing people is ongoing actually as of today our premier declared a state of emergency now actually this is our third state of emergency for this year the first one was Covid 19 in the summer which was winter had devastating wildfires in the province today another state of emergency and still have tonight thousands of people out of their homes don’t know probably seen some of these pictures just absolute devastation of water there.

So roads underwater have here in the lower mainland where in vancouver have this area in the province it’s about a five six seven hour drive away the interior that’s where a lot of wine country is there’s a there’s a lot of farmland out there all road access to those areas have been cut the roads have been absolutely decimated these are damage that would expect to see after a major earthquake and they’re happening now from flooding.

Two days later after this floods hit got snow so that gives you a sense of just the  extreme weather that we’re dealing with right now and so considering the scale of that it mean how many people are we talking in terms of the impact so they’re saying that at the moment up to 17000 people have been evacuated from their homes we have 20 evacuation centers that are set up across the province so these are a lot of farmland that has gone under lost an entire town that was the city of merit that was the with the snow on top so the water came through there and destroyed all the infrastructure all the pumping stations had to stop working so nobody could live in the city of merit.

They had to be evacuated to other cities just outside of there now this area just near merit was also devastated by wildfires just three months ago a lot of these areas were on fire so had these amazing contrast of weather conditions so a lot of these people that have been evacuated are being evacuated again so as mentioned right at the top got one woman she was from the low mainland she’s been confirmed dead in a landslide today the confirmed that are still looking for possibly three more people who may be missing in these landslides understand this area it’s been subject to drought as say it’s been terrible time for for some of these people going through so many crises.

Now crops including wheat and canola it sounds like they won’t be able to get to market supply chain issues and food security is now one of the biggest concerns so abbotsford which is an area about an hour west of vancouver is mostly farmland it has a lot of livestock a lot of there’s one farm in particular that has almost a thousand chickens we’re fearing that thousands of animals have died in this.

These farmers human life is more important than your livestock right now you have to leave so not only losing incredible amounts of animals in these floods but also with those big roads being blocked off supply chains are affected as you mentioned the port of vancouver is blocked off by rail at the moment and rail has said that they are going to start using air choppers to try to move some of those supplies but this is not a long-term solution by any means and a lot of these rail lines and roadways have been destroyed altogether so we’re waiting for some engineering assessments to back on how long it will take to rebuild some of these roads but there are real concerns right now about food security in some park places that people have started panic buying again.

it happened in Australia when people started panic buying toilet paper and clearing supermarket shelves it’s happening again because people are concerned about food running low and also gas for cars.

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1 Comment

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