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Food banks face shortages during the holiday season

Food banks across the nation are facing yet another crisis just before the holidays organizers say supply chain issues and inflation have led to a drop in donations they say that forced food banks to buy more items on their own at higher prices and of course since the pandemic hit more people have been leaning on them for help.


The american farm bureau just released new numbers on the average expected cost of a thanksgiving meal this year the price of a turkey alone increasing a whopping 24 percent or about five bucks on average last year the average cost of a bird was at 16 pounds was 19 same bird this year nearly 24 bucks.

Now on how some food banks are preparing to keep families fed over the holidays need 1313 cases of roasters workers are busy at the community food bank of new jersey as the thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches but providing for those who are food insecure has taken on new pandemic related challenges shortages of products because of manufacturing issues and logistics issues.

Now that continues but we have the added extra barrier of inflation carlos rodriguez president and ceo says this year the organization has had to buy 30 percent of the food it distributes up from 10 percent just to meet demand before the pandemic our biggest year right before we supported enough food for 50 million meals we’re on track this year to distribute 93 million meals on friday morning the warehouse in hillside received a shipment of turkeys and roasters they’ll go to hundreds of partner organizations around the state like the center for food action in englewood.

Thye have staples that everyone gets patricia espy is the executive director there she says even with the help from cfb and other donations need greatly exceeds the supply we’re still short about 500 or 600 turkeys besides a holiday meal the center provides food on a daily basis clients drive up to collect food boxes and espy says some of the people they help now are those who made donations in the past the numbers have jumped tremendously from about 1500 a month to 4000 a month of households that really are in desperate need of food assistance feeding.
America says one in five people turned to a charitable food organization last year for support and those numbers are unlikely to change anytime soon the people at the community food bank of new jersey say they’re expecting supply issues to affect them for at least the next three to six months they along with other food banks around the country are collecting turkeys this weekend to make sure everyone has a thanksgiving feast but shep they want to remind people that even though this is the season for giving they really need donations all year round.



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