Germany Visa Application Process – Germany Job Seeker Visa 2024

Apply and get a Germany Job Seeker Visa 2024 without a job offer. Today details German visa Application procedure will be explained here. This is a job seeker visa so candidates have to get a visa without a job offer and after landing in Germany they can find a suitable job. You need to submit an application for Germany Long-term. On this visa, you can legally stay for 6 months in Germany. During these 6 months, you can find a required job.

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This is an easy way to enter Germany and then you have to start the work visa process. To get a work visa you have to search for a job, after getting the job you need to submit an application for a work visa and residency permit which will be a legal method to stay and work in Germany. Interested candidates are advised to complete their documents before starting the application process. This was an overview of getting a Germany Job Seeker Visa 2024 The application process for getting a Germany work visa is explained below in detail.

Country Germany
Visa Type Job seeker visa Germany
Eligibility All except Switerzland and EU/EEA countries

Germany Job Seeker Visa

Interested candidates can apply for this available visa for foreign candidates to find work in Germany:

  • Academic Job seeker visa
  • Vocational training Job seeker visa

1) Academic Job seeker visa

Applicants who will apply for Academic Job Seeker Visa. Can find a job based on their academic records or education. This will provide eligibility of 6 months for international applicants to find a job in accordance with their qualifications. After getting a visa apply for residency and move towards a good life.

2) Vocational Training or Job seeker (Non-Academic) visa

On the basis of vocational qualification applicants can also live for 6 months in Germany to find work opportunities in their related fields. Applicants must have min 2 years of vocational training which must be known in Germany.

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Eligibility Criteria

All interested candidates who want to get German work visas have to complete the following requirements:

  • All international candidates from all over the world except Switzerland and EU/EEA countries are eligible.
  • interested candidate must have good working experience (min 5 years).
  • Applicants have to deposit (in the German Bank account) the money required to stay in Germany. When candidates will have left this country they can withdraw it.
  • Candidates interested in getting a German work visa must be older than 18 years.

Amount Required to Deposit in Bank Account

Candidates have to deposit min €1,200 in their bank account. Which will ensure that you have money to survive in Germany. As mentioned above applicants can withdraw this money after 6 months when they will leave the country.

Documents Required for Germany Job Seeker Visa

The following documents are required to get a German work visa so complete these documents as soon as possible.

  • Two application forms were completely filled with the required details.
  • A valid passport.
  • 3 well-taken photos
  • Accommodation to stay.
  • Travel health insurance.
  • Financial resources required to stay in Germany.
  • A detailed CV
  • Personal status of the applicant
  • Cover letter
  • Copies of academic documents.
  • Receipt of Visa fee payment.

Visa Fee

Applicants who want to get a work visa have to pay a €75 Visa feeThis fee might change with time. Candidates have to submit this fee at the German embassy.

How to Apply

Candidates have to follow these steps to get a German work visa:

  1. Fill application form from the below link.
  2. Visa appointment
  3. Give an interview at the German Embassy.
  4. Pay the visa fee.

Apply at the German Embassy for a Job Seeker Visa

After completing the application form candidate has to contact the German embassy and hire a consultant. Application methods may change according to the country of applicants so for a proper application process candidates must contact the German embassy located in their country.

Benefits of German Job Seeker Visa

  • More than 70% of German visas were approved last year.
  • The candidate will get a visa without a job offer.
  • No English or any other language is required.
  • Don’t need a sponsor employer.
  • Live in Germany for 6 months.
  • Applicants from the below-mentioned countries don’t require a job seeker visa

#1 Australia, South Korea, Japan

#2 Canada, USA, New Zealand, Israel

Academic Job seeker visa: APPLY HERE
Vocational Training or Job seeker (Non-Academic) visa: APPLY HERE