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Jim Jordan MOCK Biden indulges in this luxury while Americans suffer

Due to the strong support gave to households so demand has been strong and households have shifted their know their demand they’re buying things instead of buying services and things go through ports they have to be built and that is causing the bottlenecks in the supply chain.

Americans never ordered things before it’s americans fault want items now and so that’s creating a problem it’s as though with everything we’ve heard there’s this dance to make it seem as though we’re the ones at fault or that it really isn’t happening at all take on this everything costs more is my take on the american people understand it.

You want to buy a home it costs more you want to rent an apartment it costs more to put food on the table it costs more to put gas in your car it costs more to buy a thanksgiving turkey or christmas presents it all costs more.
Biden doing hanging out on nantucket at a billionaire’s house eating lobster mean the American people get how bad this administration is and to have joe biden just a few weeks ago say something as dumb as he did where he said if we spend two trillion dollars more it will help inflation there’s not a same person on the planet who believes that this bill if it does pass here in the senate let’s hope it doesn’t it’s only going to exacerbate.

The 31-year high inflation rate we’re currently experiencing so the american people get it and that’s why 71 percent of the country think we’re on the wrong track well and this is why of course we can’t really expect anything to get corrected or to change because they think everything’s fine as a matter of fact speaking of nantucket let’s listen to jen saki who had a few things to say about that what message does it send to the middle class americans president biden says that he’s trying to help that president is going to take a few days off at a billionaire’s compound in nantucket this is a time to put politics aside spend time with your loved ones and talk about.

You’re grateful for the american people can be assured that he will continue to press to lower their costs and ensure they have more breathing room well congressman biggs it really comes down to once again a lack of empathy all of this is a lack of a connection by the people running this country and effectively than the free world because they just can’t relate to other people yeah tammy that’s exactly right mean he’s going to be eating lobster and and living it up high in the hog the rest of us we’re going to be paying more for everything.

They’re going to continue to enforce these policies that are going to cause inflation to keep growing mean everything from a screwed up supply chain to they’ve killed the energy sector so everything’s going to keep going up and there’s a common denominator to all this and it’s joe biden and he’s the guy that’s going to be living it up like he’s some kind of king or monarch while the rest of the serfs and peasants are going to enjoy thanksgiving and they don’t even want us to have a turkey and they want us to send guests home that’s how out of touch they are.

They just lie about what’s going on and on the other hand they are living lives that are completely unlike the lives of ever every other american but when think about the lying aspect want to bring something else in in the midst of all of this when it comes to biden but this issue of what now is breaking news about the fact that apparently 82000 people who came in from Afghanistan were not at all vetted mean this is is being exposed this is the so guess the Washington examiner almost none of the 82000 people gentlemen who are airlifted from kabul specifically in august were vetted 82000.

They were admitted to the U.S this is now according to a congressional memo the administration also brought into the u.s tens of thousands of afghans who are not qualified on any single level regarding why they should be here this is a large majority of people about 75 percent they were not American citizens.

They were not green card holders they were not afghan special immigrant visa holders but they were effectively strangers to America.



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