Jobs in Netherlands With Visa Sponsorship 2024-25

A skilled worker from any country of the world can avail visa sponsorship job in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the most beautiful countries and now Jobs in the Netherlands with Visa Sponsorship are available for international applicants. The Netherlands has a great industrial infrastructure that provides many job opportunities to workers in other countries. Shell and Phillips are also two main companies in the Netherlands. So because of the large number of companies Netherlands creates a large number of job opportunities with visa sponsorship for skilled workers and applicants who have completed their higher education in master’s or bachelor’s degree programs. A number of Local and international companies are offering jobs to workers all around the world.

More than 10,000 companies are offering visa sponsorship jobs to workers from all over the world. All these companies are certified and under the government of the Netherlands. Above mentioned companies will provide a skills visa if you get a successful job offer. Every year a large number of workers get highly-paid jobs in the Netherlands and the Netherlands is one of the suitable countries where you can work and live in a healthy environment. Below we provided details of some famous companies that are offering visa sponsorship jobs in the Netherlands. Check for a suitable job that is your need and apply as soon as possible before the closing date.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the Netherlands 2024

Country Offering: Netherlands

Eligible Countries: International Applicants (Foreigners)

Sponsorship available: Yes

Accommodation: Provided

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Companies that offer Visa Sponsorship jobs in the Netherlands

All below-mentioned companies are hiring international applicants by providing visa sponsorship jobs. These are some well-rated companies that offer a large number of jobs to internationally skilled workers.

Orange Quarter



This company offers Visa Sponsorship jobs with a healthy salary package. They will also cover the traveling expenses of applicants. Relocation support is also available. You can apply from the Below Provided link.


MSD Netherlands



Also offering Visa Sponsorship jobs with international standard facilities and Relocation is also available.





All the above-mentioned companies are accepting applications from international applicants in different fields of company. Below we have mentioned some more companies with visa sponsorship job opportunities.

Licensed Companies and Organizations in the Netherlands

Here are below companies mentioned which are offering visa sponsorship jobs to applicants, all these companies are under the monitoring of the Netherlands government.

As all these organizations are processed under the government of Netherlands and all these things happened under the government they offer a large number of visas to international workers.

                                   Names of all Companies’ PDF

You can check the number of companies offering these jobs then go to the official website of the company by searching on your browser and applying as soon as possible.

NL Netherlands

This is the official website of the Netherlands government for the hiring of international workers here all the companies that are offering visa sponsorships jobs are listed. You can check any company you are interested in and then submit your application.

The number of Companies listed is almost 1439 which are offering 5948 Jobs.


IT Jobs in the Netherlands For International Applicants

It is one of the highly profitable job creation fields. Applicants can get good money by working in Information Technology. In information technology, applicants have to work with mind with less effort and can earn good finance. Then job opportunities available in the Netherlands in the field of IT are highly profitable.


  1. Relocation package available
  2. Adaptation tips
  3. Traveling expenses will be cover
  4. Visa expenses of applicants
  5. Relocation bonus service


Steps to Step Procedure to Get Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the Netherlands

Before getting visa sponsorships you have to get a job offer, you can get a job by applying to any of the above-mentioned companies.

Submit your application for the job then wait for a confirmation email from the company.

Next, you have to apply for a work visa in the Netherlands you can get it by following the advice of your employer, this visa will be a “Highly Skilled Migrant Visa”.

You have to get a work permit in the Netherlands which you can see from the below link.