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Joe Biden hosts Canadian and Mexican leaders at White House

U.S president Joe biden has hosted his canadian and mexican counterparts at the white house this is their first imperson meeting since biden took office it’s also the first north american summit in five years.

During the trump administration the meeting of north american leaders was essentially put on hold the fact that the three were together at the white house a success and very warm words at the beginning of this trilateral meeting from joe biden together.

we’re taking on problems mutual problems that affect our people getting the pandemic under control driving an inclusive economic recovery and addressing migration now while there’s outward deliverables as they always are in these summits when it comes to covid for example more vaccines that were swapped in the early days of covid are going to be let out to the rest of central and latin america with more to come we understand cooperation when it comes to methane gases following the in glasgow.

As well lots of warm talk on trade but there is real worries from both canada to the north of the us and mexico the south the to this buy america program that the bite administration of piggybacking of president trump administration is essentially the same policy they’re worried about.

The trade agreement that trump signed following nafta and whether it comes to dairy in canada lumber there’s worries about pipelines being shut down because of environmental concerns and the mexicans are also worried about the fact.
The u.s is opposing their energy plans to make more state control so there’s lots of differences but still warm words from both canada and mexico going forward from the first time we talked over the phone with the president already in office he mentioned that we would not be seen as the backyard of the united states we greatly appreciate that respectful treatment been strongly aligned on environment on fighting covid and getting getting through this pandemic preparing for future challenges but also on building back better and recovering economies in ways that work for the middle class.

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1 Comment

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