Malta Seasonal Work Visa 2024 | Application Process

Want to work in Malta? A seasonal work visa for Malta is available for non-EU applicants. Apply now for a Malta Seasonal Work Visa in 2024 and move to Malta for a good career. Malta is a beautiful country located in Europe with great attraction of tourists. Candidates who want to work in Malta can earn and enjoy beautiful scenes across Malta. Every year Malta accepts applications for a seasonal work visa to meet labor requirements in different fields. The Malta Seasonal Work Visa Process IS quite simple just follow the below steps and move to Europe. After working for some time workers can also apply for residency in Malta.

These Malta Jobs are highly paid jobs a foreign worker can earn from 1020 to 1220 Euros easily. Extra earnings will depend on the hard work of workers if you do overtime or do a part-time job you can easily earn more than 1999 Euros. The demand for Malta seasonal workers increases in the Summer season to work in Malta you need to apply for a Malta Work permit, residence permit, and Long Stay Visa. If you are interested in working in Malta and want to apply for a Malta Seasonal work visa just follow below mentioned guidelines we hope you will be in Malta.

Malta Seasonal Work Visa Process | Work in Malta

Country Malta
Visa  National Long Stay Visa
Permit Single Work Permit
Eligibility Non-Europeans

Identity Malta Agency (IMA)

The Identity Malta Agency is the platform or official body of Malta that manages all visa work in Malta.

Visa Requirements to Work in Malta

All workers from any country of the world need to get a Malta visa or Work permit to work in Malta except workers from EU/EEA Countries.

Acceptance Rate

Malta is one of the European countries that has been highly popular for a few years due to the highly facilitating programs started by the government of Malta. Last year more than 77% of work visa applications of non-EU nationals were approved. Malta also started a residency program for non-EU nationals through this program you can stay for 2 years in Malta. It might exceed after 2 years.

Malta Seasonal Work Permit

If any worker wants to stay more than 90 days in Malta and have work opportunities, then he must have a work permit from Malta. For this purpose, you need to submit an application for a Malta Single work permit

Seasonal workers who want to work in Malta have to submit a work permit application through the Identity Malta Agency. If a company or employer offers you a job, then your employer can proceed with your application for a work permit.

Malta Work Visa Process

If a worker wants to work in Malta for more than 3 months, then he must have a Malta National Long Stay (D) Visa to work legally in Malta. If a worker has a Mala seasonal work visa, then he can work legally in Malta for 9 months in 1 year. After this working period in Malta, you have to leave Malta.

Malta Visa Application Fee

There are two different application fees for a Malta seasonal work visa:

  • For a Single Work Permit you need to pay €280.50 (May vary with time)
  • For a National Long Stay (D) Visa you need to pay €100 (may vary with time)

Malta Seasonal Work Visa Processing Time

It usually takes 2 to 3 months.

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The workers who want to get a Malta Seasonal Work Visa have to meet the following below-mentioned requirements:

  • A Job offer from an employer. (Apply for the Job offer from the below links)
  • A job contract or job offer showing you deal with the employer in Malta.
  • Job details, job duration, and contract details.
  • Accommodation Proofs (employer will Provide).
  • Work permit application (Employer will apply on behalf of worker).
  • Apply for a Malta visa and reach Malta.

Simple Steps Process for Malta Seasonal Work Visa

  1. Apply for a Job in Malta (From below links)
  2. Apply for Work Permit: Apply Here
  3. Apply and pay the Malta work permit fee (Mentioned above and on the Application)
  4. Wait for the work permit decision.
  5. Visit the Malta Embassy.
  6. Apply for a Malta National Visa, attach the required documents, and pay Malta visa expenses or fees.
  7. Wait for the Visa decision.
  8. Approved? Move to Malta.

Jobs available in Malta (Job Offers)

The following websites get updated daily with the latest job positions in Malta. Apply for a job in Malta and employers will provide you with a job offer

Different Links to Contact Official Malta Bodies