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NASA tests mission to knock asteroids off course

Mission is going to be to deliberately crash a vending machine-sized craft into an asteroid and alter that asteroid’s path.

that’s so important for life here on earth exactly because there are as we know asteroids that have impacted earth in the past know we see these processes going on in the solar system today across the solar system with meteorites that impact earth and right now there are no significant.

Threats of the asteroids that about none of them are a significant threat but what really want to do is to test this technique so that in the future if a potential asteroid ever became a threat that we would be prepared we want to test this technique before we actually know there’s a problem so that’s why they doing this test now and it should help be better prepared for the future.


Machine sized spacecraft into an asteroid that’s about the size of a football stadium like a high school football stadium if you can imagine that filled with rocks we’re going to ram that vending machine at 15000 miles an hour.

This launch very closely the major test really comes in that moment of impact next september where understand there will be a stream to watch describe what’s going to happen it’s a success so in about 10 months from now in september the the spacecraft is going to ram into the asteroid and it’s going to as it’s heading into the asteroid be taking image images.

The point where it impacts they’ll be sending those images back to earth and when they lose signal know that spacecraft is rammed in addition carrying a small cubesat that’s going to be taking images of the impact and of any material or debris that gets flown off.

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