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Pakistani is suffering as inflation rises, economy worsens

the vendors have increased but the number of buyers is decreasing used clothes and shoes are sold at this roadside market which has been here for decades but business is not what it used to be.

They have been selling used shoes for a long time it is only this year when prices have showed up so high that there are no customers people have no purchasing power they struggling to feed the children the Pakistani rupee is at its lowest against the dollar and commodity prices at their highest in 70 years to keep the economy afloat the government has borrowed from allies like saudi arabia as well as loans from the international monetary fund.

Facing a double of austerity and inflation people are complaining about essentials being too expensive from food to fuel and utilities including electricity had a lot of hope in prime minister imran khan’s government but they been totally disappointed even people like them who have never had to look for bargains in the street are struggling to afford basics.

Political parties in the opposition have called their supporters to the streets in protest against inflation and say they will march to the capital if the economy continues to decline Pakistan’s rate of inflation has risen in the last few years to 9.7 percent in the last three years the prices of basic food items have skyrocketed a kilo of sugar now costs 90 cents instead of 35 a liter of milk costs 70 cents instead of 55 and the basic staple a bag of flour is at three dollars instead of two.

The government says the price of wheat in pakistan is half of what it costs in neighboring india and bangladesh and it blames a global increase in oil prices for the surge in fuel and electricity charges currently our country is in a state of hyperinflation there are many reasons behind it but one of the most important reason and the most visible reason that one can identify is the incompetency of our government not the case says the prime minister imran khan blames the previous governments for the current economic troubles.

The biggest welfare program in pakistan’s history yes there is inflation in the country but they should also look at what the government is doing to alleviate the situation but near the prime minister’s house buyers and sellers in islamabad’s used items market say their incomes are no match for pakistan’s inflation islamabad.

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