Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship 2024 In USA

Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship is a fully-Funded organization of activists, journalists, civil society leaders and academics from around the world to spend 5 months on the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The Washington DC Exchange Program allows some people to conduct independent research on the development of global democracy and research in a particular country or region.

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The Reagan-Fusel Fellowship also gives Fellows the opportunity to learn advanced skills and competencies at the International Society for Democratic Studies, as it is an important platform for analyzing democratic change in the world.

The Reagan-Fusel program welcomes employers who are developing or aspiring to democracy and non-democracy and other established democracies. The NED Democracy Grant program is based on a number of educational and recreational programs that help other people learn about Endowment work and partners. Events can be seminars, round tables, field trips, games, museum trips, movies and fun hours. All of these events are organized with the aim of educating our friends on democracy and fostering a spirit of cooperation among our partners.

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Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship 2024 Info:

University: National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
• Scholarship Submission: Fully Sponsored
Eligible citizenship: International
Prize Country: United States of America
• Duration: 5 months
• Deadline: October 17, 2024

Financial Benefits of Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship 2024:

• People will receive a monthly allowance.
• Partner will be provided by a health insurance company.
• Furnished rental apartment is paid for.
• The round trip to Washington, DC will be paid for.
• Living expenses including food, local transport and other living necessities will be paid.
• A fully armed administration will be provided.
• The cost of long distance calls and business trips will be paid. (limited budget)

Eligibility criteria for Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship 2024:

The initial eligibility criteria are the same for both physicians and researchers. However, they both have different needs.
• Applicants must be fluent in English.
• The applicant must propose a project that focuses on politics, social, economic, legal or cultural issues.
• Applicants must ensure their availability at their residence in Washington DC within 5 months of their meeting schedule.
Employee Track Fitness
• The applicant must be in the middle of the work.
• The applicant has practical knowledge in promoting democracy or human rights in the country or region.
Student Eligibility
• Applicants must have completed the same PhD or degree in education at the time of application.
• Applicants must have a published history in their respective fields.
• Applicants for the participation program must prepare a detailed research plan.

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for the 2024-2025 Reagan-Fassell Democracy Fellows program is 17 October 2024, at 11:59 PM EST.

How to apply for a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship 2024?

• To apply, applicants must create an online account through our website.
• After successfully creating an account and registration, a confirmation email will be received.
• With the confirmation email, applicants will be directed to a web page where they can create a username and password to proceed with the application process.
Procedure for Applying for the NED Scholarship 2024:
• After successful login, the application process begins.
• To start the program, click the Start button.
• Provide your general information including name, nationality, date of birth and gender etc.
• Provide effective and accessible communication information.
• Provide an accurate assessment of English knowledge.
• Tell us about your friendship.
• Full details of the project proposal should be provided.
• The application should provide the latest restart.
• Provide information on all directions.
• Do not leave any space in the system.
• After providing all the required information, click Update and submit the request.
• All requests must be submitted in English.

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