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Several anti-coup protesters killed during protests in Khartoum

Several protesters have been shot dead in sudan’s capital as demonstrations continue sudanese security forces also fired tear gas injuring dozens of anti-coup demonstrators dozens of people have been killed by security forces since last month’s coup the latest rallies escalated as u.s secretary of state anthony blinken began a three-nation tour in africa lincoln is urging sudanese people to be vigilant against rising threats to democracy sudan’s democratic transition uh we’re continuing to work with the international community to urge the sydney’s military to release all those detained mohammed alifazari joins us from khartoum muhammad give us a sense of how people are feeling there in the capital in light of this latest violence.

That escalation is very high and we reported many people reported killed in khartoum and under man and harpoon north three major cities in sudan and also demonstration started in another state around sudan so the eyewitnesses say that the police and security forces use excessive force to disperse these protesters who rally for the second time in a week which is a new development that doesn’t happen even during the revolution of 2018 that people have only one day for a million month march but this week we have witnessed two big demonstrations on saturday and today wednesday to show that the strong determination for the people and the protesters that to continue their way that they said they want to pave their way for the civilian government by giving more sacrifices and they will never return back.

Till they achieve their goals which are the achievement of democracy the civilian government and also to prove the slogan of revolution which is freedom justice and peace and this transitional council that was set up by the coup leader al-berhan have they now blocked internet completely and phone service or how is that working and how is it affecting daily life yeah that is happened by accident today this afternoon that internet shutdown and also telecommunication was suspended all over the country but the people here in sudan and also the fcc and other coalitions in the sudanese  dissolve government they have anticipated for such steps and also they mobilize from the sudanese in diaspora they play a great role for calling international calls from their neighbors.

The people inside sudan to have another options before that people using sms message for uh communicating each other’s but because this crackdown people have really anticipated for for such a move they made also another places and another location for administration to contour to  confront such procedures and as a procedure made by the army so they think this situation is going to complicate the dialogue and also to complicate any new opportunities for the sudanese to sit together or to discuss any road map for having a new platform for the government or also reforming a new government as we know that the sovereignty council held emergency session yesterday to discuss nomination of prime minister that failed to nominate a new prime minister.

Five people rejected to to for this nomination because of the situation also due to the high responsibility held on them so right now people in the sovereignty council and general burhan waiting and searching for a new prime minister to take over following mr abdullah who has categorically rejected any nomination or any  government position before his precondition to be satisfied or to be fooled with accepted by the coup leader so the military leader of this coup alberhan has he done anything to quell this anger or do you see these protests just continuing has not mentioned anything no statement from whether general abraham or any  other from the military component as the people here held him responsibility of these killings.
this excessive forces made by the police or any other army forces.

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