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South Africa: Poor families suffer eviction amid development

living on the sidewalk in shelters built of scrap metal and plastic sheeting this group of homeless people in cape town have been here for two years now in 2019 they occupied a vacant old people’s home on the site days later city authorities evicted them and demolished the building.

The are in the suburbs now together with everybody that is in town so now when they are kicking us again out they are showing that they want to keep this city right they don’t want anybody here except white people is in this city while the eviction has been taken to court the lives of people here remain in limbo this land’s been sold to a developer and barbara is hoping the courts will intervene there is definitely a prioritization of capital in city.

The needs of the poor are not being met if they are if housing developments are created it is usually created on far-flung areas on the outskirts of city which just in effect replicates the special apart that that has plagued the city of cape town since colonialism but the city says it’s working to integrate different communities within the inner city and that it’s developing.

10 sites for affordable housing and that over 10 years it’s built close to 70000 low-cost units but there’s a backlog of 300000 people waiting for a home and the city says it has to prioritize those at the top of the waiting list any project that they do has qualifying beneficiaries now let make an example if tomorrow knew very well that in this particular development next to parliament are going to benefit from now there’s someone who’s being evicted.

Elsewhere and then that person will remove from that particular list they put someone else is that fair it can be fair because they have to accommodate some a person who has who has qualified and who’s been waiting but here in the suburb of woodstock families say they’ve been on the waiting list for housing for more than a decade.

One of them is charnel commando and a family who are now being evicted from a home they’ve lived in for generations this community has also taken city authorities to court to avoid being moved to outlying areas city officials have had to relocate thousands of people evicted from prime land within the city while some say they’re willing to move many others complain it’s often to the outskirts of cape town to areas.

Like this one where there are fewer facilities and it’s further away from the city where there are work opportunities people at this resettlement camp say where they live is pushing them further into poverty in a city already plagued by deep economic disparities family.

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