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SUV plows into Wisconsin Christmas parade in US

Wisconsin a holiday parade turned to tragedy tonight police say a red suv mowed down people more than 20 were injured.

Officials have recovered a suspect vehicle and are now looking at a person of interest people within half a mile of downtown are being told to shelter in place the event was being live streamed on the city’s facebook page a red suv was seen racing through the parade route though police have not confirmed that this is the car first responders then followed at high speeds moments later abc’s elwyn lopez leads us off tonight tonight horror unfolding at this christmas parade in wisconsin right outside milwaukee at 4:39 p.m police say a red suv careened down the street maroon ford.

Witnesses say a driver plowed through police barricades and slammed into a crowd of people at the waukesha holiday parade leaving more than 20 injured officers transporting victims to the hospital witnesses describing the terrifying scene and then all of a sudden heard a loud bang the vehicle just struck a crowd of people on the parade route and they heard deafening cries and screams families with young children stunned.

They was so close to actively losing children because children go into the road to get the candy and they were saying that they wanted to get candy it’s just a split second they could they could not be here right now this video capturing the moment a red vehicle flew by narrowly missing a little girl dancing in the street authorities haven’t confirmed if this is the vehicle suspected of driving through the crowd the city’s facebook page streaming the parade live you can see a red suv speeding by the camera parade goers screaming moments later police giving chase and tonight police urging residents to avoid the downtown area it was very catholic.
Very tragic incident and my prayers and thoughts go out to family members just horrific in place order issued by police just moments ago for anyone near the downtown area that’s right lindsay police just issuing that shelter in place order for anyone within a half a mile radius of the downtown area but haven’t said why authorities have also said that they’ve located the suspect’s vehicle and a person of interest is being looked.

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