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The deadline for the federal vaccination mandate is coming

The executive order requiring all government employees to be vaccinated or exempt from COVID-19 went into effect on Monday and could affect TSA staff who have already gone beyond weeks of leave.
As the ordinance will go into effect soon, the impact on airport staff is difficult to estimate as it is not clear how many employees have not been vaccinated.
Union officials and some Capitol Hill officials estimate that up to 10% of TSA employees have not been vaccinated. Depending on the capital, customs and border guards may also delay vaccination.
However, Biden executives still have hope for the job. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said: “It’s encouraging to see an increase in evidence and gunfire lately, but we want to have the last Monday.”

The public expect to have more contact with TSA staff than at any other time since the epidemic spread, and Thanksgiving is the busiest travel week of the year.
The Transportation Safety Board said it was prepared to deal with the escalation.
President David Pekoske said he didn’t think access to vaccines for TSA staff would affect his Thanksgiving work week.
In fact, sticking to this rule will make travel safer and healthier for everyone,” he said. “So we’re seeing a lot of staff getting vaccinated, and we’re sure there won’t be any repercussions on Thanksgiving.”

However, the organization is already facing staff shortages, so removing staff from vaccine administration only exacerbates the situation.

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1 Comment

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