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TPLF: Ethiopian government using ‘starvation as a weapon

Ethiopian prime minister Ahmed said recently from the country’s military headquarters in addis ababa the enemy he’s talking about is the tplf the tegran people’s liberation front the political party that governed the country for decades before abby was elected prime minister in 2018.

The great people want to live in peace as equals with the rest of ethiopians no more no less and yet the tplf in partnership with the coalition of anti-government groups is making an advance toward addis ababa the capital how could that possibly be considered a pursuit of peace.

It has been a year and a couple of weeks since abiya hamad declared a genocidal war on the people of tigrai and what said then remains the same the truth that is chigrai is under a complete siege right now people are dying there is no power there is no telephone banking there is a continuation of the war through starvation of the seven million people into cry and have no other choice but to go forward and break the siege have no other ulterior military use again want to to break through the seed and peace and bring peace to people.

They wanted humanitarian aid wanted to talk to other ethiopians who want to live it with peace like do therefore the advancement of the tigarai forces towards addressable is nothing more nothing less than to break the siege and to bring about change to the security and safety of the chicago people but this advancement right now has cost a great great amount of human lives.

Chief martin griffith said that more than 250000 have been displaced in the umhara and afar regions more recently the government has said that number’s closer to a million there’s a huge human cost is it worth it is worth it no human life is worth anything but it is worth as far as the people of chicago are concerned have no other choice are left black there the world has forgotten us genocide has been committed against people children are dying.

The people of the garage should be sitting there and condemned to days wanted to shorten the suffrage don’t want the people of amhara afar to go through what have gone through for the for the last 12 months that this that displacement is happening in amhara and afar that referencing that’s tplf responsibility.

The tigray forces are engaging in hot pursuit of what the ethiopian nationality foreign forces are doing to them they are protecting themselves do have people suffering because of this war it was without saying but the solution is not there to condemn the cigarette people and to stop the cigarettes it is for the central government to make to come to each sense and either it will be defeated militarily or it has no to negotiate and have to come to some kind of a transitional arrangement.
Recently the tplf and eight other anti-government groups announced the formation of the united front of ethiopian federalist and confederalist forces one member of the allied group said the next step will be to organize ourselves and totally dismantle the existing government either by force or negotiation is that an accurate assessment of objective it is let clarify the united front has a short-term and a medium and long-term agenda in the short term these nine armed groups that are voting against the central government at one level or another wanted to coordinate among themselves on joint command militarily capacity in every aspect of it to shorten this genocidal war or pressure the government to come to a negotiating table and have some a transitional arrangement.


if it refuses it will be defeated militarily but the political solution remains the same this is the short term in the following the demise of this government in addis ababa wanted to call upon all others army non-armed stakeholders in ethiopia come to a negotiating table all inclusive and then will see what kind of transitional arrangement will have one way or the other the option is that are limited let’s move on to talk a bit about the humanitarian crisis in the region there are famine-like conditions right now that have swept the tiguaya region in fact it is the worst starvation crisis in the world according to the united nations estimates from various international aid groups.

The u.s government say anywhere from roughly half to one million people are facing starvation right now is a military advancement going to stop the famine as rightly said chigarai is now facing starvation and sadly starvation is used as a weapon of war the saddest thing is there is food medicine and fuel just few kilometers across the border from tigray that Muhammad has denied to bring it to the people the international community have sent enough medicine fuel and he has denied he has blocked.
They have been dying for months now and the only way can come out of the siege is to break the siege and bring humanitarian aid from the international community the criticisms about blocking or denying access to necessary aid aren’t just directed at the ethiopian government the united states agency for international development has accused the tplf of looting humanitarian aid warehouses trucks particularly in the umhara region.

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TPLF: Ethiopian government using ‘starvation as a weapon

Ethiopian prime minister Ahmed said recently from the country’s military headquarters in addis ababa...

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