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Follow the mentioned guidelines to Get a University of Ghent Scholarship in Belgium which is for all international students of world.The University of Ghent is one of the oldest universities in Belgium and dates back to 1425 when it was founded by Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy and leader of the House of Valois-Burgundy. The university has several notable alumni including Nobel laureate Felix Bloch, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1952, and Professor Peter Piot, the Director of UNAIDS from 1988 to 2004, who famously discovered the Ebola virus in 1976.

University of Ghent Scholarship 2024 :

  • Name Of Program: University Of Ghent
  • Scholarship Cover: Fully Funded.
  • Applicants: International.
  • Level: Masters
  • End Date: 31 March 2024
  • Country To Be Awarded: Belgium

University of Ghent Scholarship

The University of Ghent has more than 36,000 students and offers courses in Dutch, French, English and German. The Faculty of Arts is one of seven faculties at UGent. It provides education for about 1,700 Bachelor students and around 900 Master students. The Faculty offers 21 different Bachelor programmes. One can either enroll for one (full-time) or two (part-time) years.

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About University of Ghent

The University of Ghent is a public research university located in Ghent, Belgium. It was established in 1817 by King William I of the Netherlands. After the Belgian revolution of 1830, the newly formed Belgian state began to administer the university. In 1930, it became the first Dutch-speaking university in Belgium—French having been Belgium’s official language up to that point—and, following World War II, adopted its current name. In 1991, it was one of three high education institutions granted autonomy in Belgium; it is now governed by an internal Board of Governors and an External Council representing both students and staff.

International Students

If you’re interested in attending university in Belgium, but are struggling to meet your financial needs, you might be eligible for an international scholarship. Many Belgian universities offer grants and awards to full-time international students, who might otherwise not be able to afford college. But what are scholarships, exactly? And how do they work? This guide will help explain everything you need to know about getting an award and attending university in Belgium.

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Undergraduate Scholarships

Students who have been accepted at UGent may get a scholarship that enables them to pay their tuition fees and living expenses. The scholarships are not means-tested, so all students who can prove they need financial support may apply. Those eligible will automatically receive confirmation to their personal email address. The scholarship covers tuition fees, but there is no compensation for course-related costs such as study material or university trips. That’s why it is important to take care of these yourself! The scholarship is only intended for one academic year and cannot be renewed or held over for another year. If you wish to extend your stay after your first academic year, you will have to apply for another type of student visa . Before applying, check whether there are any special conditions attached to your nationality .

Master Scholarships

In order to pursue your Master’s degree, you need to have received your Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Depending on your study program and country, you could receive an Erasmus Mundus scholarship or an institutional scholarship for European exchange students. University scholarships for non-EU students: In order to be eligible for university scholarships offered by national governments, countries must meet certain criteria established by their Ministry of Education. Non-EU nationals can obtain these scholarships if they come from countries that are not eligible for EU funding because they are developed enough to invest in their own higher education. If you qualify, you can get part or all of your tuition paid and gain access to a network of alumni who will help you find jobs after graduation.

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Postgraduate Scholarships

Getting accepted into a university is difficult enough, let alone actually paying for it. Thankfully, there are hundreds of scholarships available to undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to study at institutions across Europe. One scholarship that stands out is offered by Ghent University in Belgium; an institution which regularly produces some of Europe’s finest scholars and scientists. If you are passionate about your subject area, dedicated to academic excellence and want to go on to become one of tomorrow’s leaders then you should apply for their postgraduate scholarship program.

Application Guidelines

(fill-in-the-blank): Each year, thousands of college students dream about studying abroad, but they aren’t always sure how to go about it. Fortunately, as one of Europe’s most affordable and reputable universities, University of Ghent provides an excellent pathway for international students who want to earn an advanced degree at an affordable price. And now we are offering prospective undergraduate students a University of Ghent scholarship that will cover your tuition fees if you meet all eligibility requirements. To learn more about our exclusive opportunities, read on!


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