University of Miami Stamps Scholarships Announced for 2023

The University of Miami is proud to announce the launch of their new University of Miami Stamps Scholarships for the 2023 school year. This prestigious scholarship provides selected international students with the opportunity to receive up to a full-ride award to attend the University of Miami. The University of Miami Stamps Scholarship is a highly competitive merit-based scholarship, and only a select few will be chosen to receive the award. The scholarship is available to international students from all countries, and applicants will be evaluated on a variety of criteria including academic excellence, leadership potential, and commitment to service.

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The University of Miami Stamps Scholarships are merit-based awards given to a select group of incoming freshman and transfer students every year. These prestigious scholarships provide students with full tuition, room and board, and other generous benefits, including study abroad opportunities, internships, leadership development, and mentorship programs. Recipients must demonstrate strong academic performance, leadership ability, service to their communities, and an appreciation for the value of a liberal arts education. The Stamps Scholarship Program is designed to nurture the development of young leaders who will help shape the future of our nation and the world. With this scholarship, University of Miami seeks to recognize and support outstanding students from around the world.

Eligibility requirements

The University of Miami Stamps Scholarship is open to all international students who are applying for undergraduate studies at the University of Miami. Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria to qualify for the scholarship:

Demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, extracurricular activities, leadership abilities and community involvement.

  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Submit an SAT/ACT score and other required documents for admission to the University of Miami.
  • Be a full-time student in good standing.
  • Have a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the world.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Maintain a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA while enrolled at the University of Miami.
  • Comply with all Stamps Scholars Program requirements.


The University of Miami Stamps Scholarship for the 2023 academic year is currently accepting applications. The application deadline for the scholarship is April 1, 2023. Applicants are encouraged to apply early in order to ensure all required materials are received by the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must submit all required documents and materials by April 1, 2023. The application materials include a personal essay, three letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and any other additional materials as required. Once the application is complete and submitted, applicants can expect to receive an admission decision within 6-8 weeks.

Award amount

The University of Miami Stamps Scholarship offers students a comprehensive package including tuition, fees, room and board, living expenses, textbooks and course materials. Additionally, scholars are provided with funds to support travel for summer internships or research experiences, as well as unique programming and experiences. The total value of the Stamps Scholarship is estimated to be in excess of $250,000 over the four years of college.

The University of Miami Stamps Scholars will receive the following benefits for their time at UM:

  • Tuition & Fees: Full tuition and fees for up to four years of undergraduate study.
  • Room and Board: A full room and board allowance for up to four years of undergraduate study.
  • Living Expenses: An allowance for living expenses for up to four years of undergraduate study.
    Textbooks and Course Materials: An allowance for textbooks and course materials for up to four years of undergraduate study.
  • Travel Opportunities: Funds to support travel related to research or internship opportunities, educational experiences, and other academic enrichment activities.
  • Unique Programming and Experiences: Access to exclusive programming and experiences provided by the Stamps Scholars Program.

In addition to these benefits, each year the Stamps Scholars Program awards a number of competitively selected “Impact Awards” to current scholars to support projects, research, or experiences that make a positive impact on the community.

How to use University of Miami Stamps Scholarships

The University of Miami Stamps Scholarships are designed to assist international students in their pursuit of academic excellence. This prestigious award provides full tuition, room and board, as well as other educational resources to qualified students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, leadership qualities, and financial need. The scholarship is renewable each year for up to four years.

  • When using this scholarship, it is important to remember that it is a commitment to pursue a degree at the University of Miami. Recipients must attend classes, maintain a satisfactory GPA, complete their degree program within the allotted time period, and participate in university-sponsored activities. Additionally, recipients must remain in good academic standing and comply with all university regulations and procedures.
  • Scholarship funds may be used to cover the costs of tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board, and other university-related expenses. Funds may also be used for study abroad experiences, internships, and research opportunities.
  • Recipients must notify the Stamps Scholarship Program of any changes in financial situation or enrollment status that could impact the continued award of their scholarship. They should also meet with the Stamps Scholarship Program Director to discuss potential changes in their scholarship eligibility.
  • By utilizing the scholarship funds appropriately and abiding by the requirements of the program, recipients can ensure that they make the most out of the University of Miami Stamps Scholarships.

Application process For University of Miami Stamps Scholarships

The University of Miami Stamps Scholarship is available to international students for the 2023 academic year. All applicants must complete the University of Miami Common Application, submit all required documents and essays, and include a self-reported standardized test score.

  1. Applicants must be recommended by their school counselor or a faculty member. Applicants must also submit a completed Stamps Scholarship Application Form, along with an essay detailing why they feel they are a strong candidate for the scholarship.
  2. Applicants will then be invited to participate in a virtual interview. During the interview, applicants will have the opportunity to present their achievements, goals, and ambitions and answer questions posed by members of the selection committee.
  3. Finally, finalists will be invited to attend a scholarship weekend, which typically takes place during the spring semester. At the scholarship weekend, finalists will be able to meet with other Stamps scholars and learn more about the scholarship program.

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