University of Milan Scholarships 2024 In Italy

Hello Everyone! We are here with another opportunity .This time, Candidates are invited to apply for the University of  Milan Scholarships 2024 In Italy. International students are eligible and can apply for the Master’s degree program in University of   Milan  under Excellence Scholarships 2024. The University of Milan is ranked 2nd in Italy and 148 in the Globe.

As everyone knows!  Education and living is very cheap in Italy. The University of Milan scholarship 2024 are available to worldwide students in all disciplines and academic placements and are open to all worldwide students. This University of   Milan  grant is one of the great scholarships for Worldwide students in Italy.

University of  Milan 2024 Scholarships Details:

  • Institution: University of Milan
  • Award In Country: Italy
  • Study Level: Master
  • Deadline: 30 May 2024

Duration of University of  Milan Scholarships:

  • Artists: 1-2 Year

Number Scholarships for University of  Milan: 

Total Scholarship 56

Available Programs For University of  Milan 2024 Scholarships:

  1. Bioinformatics for computer genomics
  2. Biomedical Omics (BO)
  3. Philosophical Science
  4. Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (PPPA)
  5. Quantitative Biology
  6. Public Relations with Companies (COM)
  7. Xenobiotics Safety Tests
  8. Biotechnological Products
  9. Biotechnology
  10. Scientific and economic data (DSE)
  11. Economics and Food
  12. Environmental Change
  13. Global Sustainability (ECGS)
  14. Finance and Economics (MEF)
  15. Industrial Chemistry
  16. International Relations (REL)
  17. Law and Sustainable Development
  18. Human Resource Management (MHR)
  19. Innovation Management
  20. Entrepreneurship (MIE)
  21. Medical Biotechnology
  22. Molecular Medicine
  23. Molecular Biology of a cell
  24. Molecular Biotechnology
  25. Bioinformatics
  26. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  27. Computer Science
  28. Chemistry

Financial Benefits of University of  Milan 2024 Scholarships:

  • 53 scholarships worth 6,000 Euros, eligible for exemption from all full tuition fees
  • 100% rebate on all tuition fees.

How Will You  be evaluated for University of  Milan Scholarship:

The Evaluation committees of each master degree program plan a list of positions based on that.

A set of points obtained from the review of the educational records and educational life of the applicants.

Each committee may issue the following 30 marks.

  • Background for Education (Medium Examination Marks) 20 marks
  • Higher education (work experience, research or study) Top 10 points

Deadline for University of  Milan Scholarship:

The deadline is 30 May 2024.

How to Apply FOR University of Milan Scholarships 2024:

Registration process online. All information can be found on the Official website. Please apply.

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