Work in Australia – Nursing Jobs in Australia 2024

When we talk about highly paid and demanding jobs in Australia the Nursing Jobs in Australia are one of these Australian Jobs. A large number of nursing jobs with good salaries are available for foreign candidates. Students have great chances all they need to get an Australia Study Visa and reach Australia. Here candidates who will complete nursing courses in Australian institutions (For six months) are eligible for Nursing jobs in Australia in 2024. Nursing is a good profession and foreign candidates can set a good life path.

There is a large demand for nursing jobs in different locations in Australia. On average a candidate can earn more than 50,000 AUD. In overtime and weekends, an applicant can make 50 AUD/hr. This is an overview of nursing jobs in Australia interested candidates are advised to follow the below application process to get these jobs.

Nursing Jobs in Australia 2024 | Application Procedure

Host Country Australia
Job Profession Nursing
Eligible Countries All

Nursing Courses in Australia

Candidates who have completed a secondary education or equivalent can apply to enroll in a Nursing course in Australia. Interested candidates can apply to get any visa that will help them to get into Australia. Applicants can apply for the following Australian Visas Skilled, Study Visa, or any other available visa. For nursing courses usually you need to enroll in a max of 1 year or nine months.

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Nursing Courses categories

The following are available nursing course categories in Australia that will help candidates to get nursing jobs.

#1 Assistant in Nurse Care for Adults

This is a nursing course with a max duration of 9 months, applicants can complete this caring for Adults course in Australian institutions. The basic duties of these jobs include giving baths, food, and clothes wearing of adults.

#2 Medication Nurse

This Medication course also consists max of 9 months. As the name suggests these candidates have a duty to give medication and medicines to patients.

#3 Enrolled Nurse

This course of nursing requires enrollment for more than 1 year and a max of 1.5 years. This course also has highly paid job opportunities.

#4 Registered Nurse

This course is a professional course of 3 years which have highly demanding job positions in Australia applicants who complete this course will become qualified Nurse.

Applicants are advised to apply for courses Assistance in Nurse and Medication course because you can complete these courses in less span time will be less expensive and easily find jobs. Other courses might get expensive which is not good for foreigners.

Benefits of Nursing in Australia

  • Candidates can earn 5,000 AUD/Month
  • Candidates don’t need a Degree to apply.
  • Separate high salary for weekends 35AUD/hr
  • Fewer expenses for courses
  • Enroll for a 6 to 9-month course and get a good salary job.
  • A good Step towards a good career.
  • Work according to your timetable.
  • Lifetime high-demand jobs.

Get Australia (PR)Permanent Residency

After following the above procedure applicant can apply for Permanent residency in Australia because Nursing is a good and highly demanded profession in Australia. So these people easily get Australian PR.

How to Apply for a Nursing Course

  • Interested candidates can submit online applications in different Australian Universities.
  • You need to find these institutions online on search engines.
  • Submit the application follow the fee and other procedures then apply for an Australia study visa.
  • After getting a visa to enter Australia complete course during completing the course you will definitely get a healthy job.

Family Support

Applicants who will apply for study visas can also apply to bring family to Australia. Your family member can also apply in nursing or any other course.

No Nursing Jobs in Australia

A large number of nursing jobs are available in the Nursing department of Australia. According to the Nursing Department of Australia, more than 150,000 nursing jobs are available.

Nursing Courses Details in Australia

Courses Duration
Diploma 1 year
Nursing Graduate Certificate 1 year
Bachelor Degree Programs 2 years
Master Degree Programs 1 to 1.5 year

Universities Offering Nursing Courses

  • Flinders University
  • University of Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • Avondale College of Higher Education
  • University of Notre Dame, Australia
  • Edith Cowan University, Australia
  • Western Sydney University, Australia
  • Central Queensland University
  • James Cook University, Australia
  • Monash University

Apply Links for Nursing Jobs 2024

Foreign candidates can easily get jobs in different hospitals and related places in Australia. Here below are links to some famous websites where you can find jobs in Australia.

Seek Australia: Apply Here

Work Force Australia: Apply Here

Careers Australia: Apply Here

Simple Steps Guidance

  1. Search Nursing Courses in Australia
  2. Get admission to an Australian University.
  3. Submit Application for Study Visa.
  4. Complete Nursing course
  5. During Course Completion, you will get or find jobs.