EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2022_23 | Switzerland

EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2022_23

Hello Everyone! we are here with an other opportunity. EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2022_23 in Switzerland are open. EPFL offers a limited number of postgraduate Fellowships. Anyone applying for the EPFL Master’s Program is eligible. Interested students from around the world are invited to apply for the EPFL 2022/2023 Excellence Fellowships to study in Switzerland.

EPFL Higher Fellowships are partially funded through the EPFL and through partnerships with private companies or companies. Nomination of candidates and provision of relationships is based on a review of the candidate’s educational record.

Details of EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2022_23:

Sponsor (s) Fellowship: EPFL / Partners

Meeting Type: Masters Study Fellowships

 Hosting Centers: EPFL

Fellowship Worth: See Program Benefits (below)

Prize Number: Multiple

Level of study: Masters

Nationality: All Nations

Eligibility criteria for  EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2022_23

Anyone applying for the EPFL Master’s Program is eligible. The EPFL provides a limited number of relationships for highly qualified students based on their academic records.
This sharing cannot be combined with other important benefits. Applicants must announce all bursaries awarded for their master’s degree (see section 4.2).
Students with a master’s degree in EPFL are not eligible for the fellowship.

Benefits of EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2022_23:

10,000 CHF per semester
Book Student Room at Student Hostel
Beauty Certificate (end of Master’s program)


It varies

Documents Required for EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2022_23:

A letter of encouragement
2 letters of recommendation
A copy of all the grades obtained from the EPFL

Application Procedures for EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2022_23:

How to Apply: Interested students follow the instructions provided below to apply.

Candidates for foreign elections: (Bachelor’s degrees from a foreign university) must apply in the same online form as their application for the Master’s program on 15 April or 15 December (there is a box to mark. Selected Profiles are also available). It must be considered to do well.
Candidates for the EPFL Undergraduate Degree can contact the Student Department to ask if they would like to apply for a special partnership. Students can submit their applications to their department by no later than 31 January or 30 April.

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