Japan Study Support Scholarships for International Students

The Japan Study Support Scholarships is open to international students from all over the world, with the exception of those Japanese citizens who wish to start their higher education in Japan to reduce their financial burden.

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Want to study in Japan but need financial help to study in Japan? Are you planning to complete your higher education in Japan in the field of Undergraduate scholarship / bachelor’s degree, postgraduate scholarship, royal scholarship, postgraduate scholarship, Ph.D.? Scholarship, or Doctoral Scholarship? If you want to get these scholarships in Japan, you should visit the Japan Education Aid Program. As the name suggests, this program helps all international students to learn.

As an international student, you should apply for this opportunity and have a chance at your luck. You can study at a Japanese institute of your choice.

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Details of Japan Study Support Scholarships:

Country: Japan

Hosted Universities: Depending on the applicant’s choice

Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs

Categories: Undergraduate, Bachelors scholarships / degrees, Masters courses / postgraduate courses, Ph.D. , medical scholarships

Eligibility: International students other than Japanese citizenship

Benefits of Japan Study Support Scholarships:

The Japan Study Support Scholarship invites international students to further their education in Japan as easily as possible. There are two types of bursaries available for selected students. The details are as follows:

Type 1:

This is a type 1 grant. This type of bursary is 500,000 yen. This money will be given to the successful applicant. But first, the applicant must register with the University of Japan of his or her choice.

Type 2:

This is a type 2 grant. This type of bursary is 100,000 yen. This amount will be awarded to two successful applicants. But first applicants must register with their favorite Japanese university.

Eligibility criteria for Japan Study Support Scholarships:

Applicants should study the following methods and assess whether they meet the criteria or not. If there are conditions, it is up to the requester to decide whether or not to apply.

Applicants in any part of the world other than Japanese citizens are eligible to apply
Students must be accepted to enroll in the Japanese University degree program or degree program
The enrollment of students at the university they want should be verified
Candidates must register MY PAGE and JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT
Candidates must receive the message from the university they want through the “JPSS Scout function”
Students should be able to speak Japanese or English
Candidates must have a Japanese bank account
Candidates must have a Japanese bank account (for which the scholarship will be transferred)

Required Documents for Japan Study Support Scholarships:

The requester must upload the following documents at the time of application:

Application form
Short article (with a maximum of 800 Japanese characters or 350 English words. The title of the article should be ‘Reading Activity and Future Terms in Japan’).
Introduction video (does not take more than 30 seconds)

Applicant Time:

There are 2 applications for this Japanese Scholarship. Details are provided below:

Spring time:

This period is for those students enrolling in April – May 2024. The deadline for this application period is March 31, 2024, to 31 May 2024.

Fall Time:

This is the time for those students who enroll in September – November 2024. The deadline for this application period is 23 August 2024, to October 31, 2024.

Selection method:

There are 3 steps to their selection given below:

Step 1:

Document testing in this first round of testing

Step 2:

Conversation in this 2nd screeing

Step 3:

Notice given to Graduating Students

How do you apply?

An online application site is available at JSSJS.

Important Notes:

Please complete the application form with the correct details. Incorrect information forms will be rejected and any bursary received by the applicant must be returned.
If the successful applicant is unable to complete his / her degree for various reasons. He then had to repay the bursary.

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